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Now, that’s a library. Head to Dublin’s Trinity College to see the vast collection.
Photograph by Fridmar Damm/SIME



LOL man.

never forget white people did nothing first neither the best, they sleep and eat false propaganda,

This is stunning
Chinese and Asian history doesn’t even register over here, we see very little of it
Whenever China is on TV they’ve got nothing good to say about it

It is truly a strange thing when a steam pipe bursts under an abandoned building in the dead of winter, but that’s exactly what happened under the Clinic Building at Greystone Park State Hospital in 2007, a month before the building was unceremoniously knocked down.  The steam congregated near the ceiling of the abandoned asylum infirmary, condensing on the pipes and dripping down in regular patterns - and creating these ice stalagmites.  An hour after taking this photograph, demolition workers came into the building and chased us through the tunnels; we had to hide in an attic in 0 degree weather for hours while cops searched for us.  The next time I drove out there, there was no trace that a building had ever stood in this spot.
Prints available here.

A Bismuth Geode. Looks like a cyborgenetic egg

Owl Landing

Osprey hawk navigating its prey.

I would actually get this done if I wasn’t scared of sharp things..

Artby Adem